I get it.

Trust me, I do. You have many questions and concerns that are keeping you from organizing online. How expensive is it? How much time will it take? Is it even worth it?

Here are some FAQs that may answer most of your questions. Not enough? Schedule your 1st free consultation and let’s talk!


Yes. I can redesign it, make it mobile friendly, add online donations, and much more.
Yes. I can guide and train you and your staff to create your online presence and maintain it.
No worries! We can work with what you have and make fair and effective work plans to fit your budget and your online needs.
Pricing varies on size of project and product. My most popular request is designing mobile-friendly websites, which start at $199.
With the right training and work plan, any organization can become ready to launch successful online campaigns. During our consultations, we’ll identify the right tools for your organization that will get the job done and not distract you from the work you are already doing.
This question is most often asked by older organizations who were established long before smartphones were around.

The short answer is this:

If you want to grow your base to include young people, work smarter, not harder, to reach thousands of people, and you don’t want to be left behind on organizing trends, then yes, you need an online presence. 

The timeline will vary depending on the project and product.
Yes. Schedule your first free consultation with me and we can review your goals together and identify your needs!
No experience is required! We can find online tools that are easy for you to use and help you reach your goals.

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