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    Build a strong online presence

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    Use online tools effectively

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    Brand an event or organization

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    Combine print & digital marketing

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    Expand your audience by 1000s

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    Capture attention of mass media

What I can do


Design a new website or redesign your current one.

Why you need this

Your website is how you keep members updated on your work and actions. It's how you show the world what you're up to.

Email & SMS

Organize campaigns via email and text messaging.

Why you need this

Emails and text messaging are some of the most effective ways to get your members to take action and donate.


Set up an online store and design merchandise.

Why you need this

Your online store is a way to sell your products 24/7! Once it's up and running, managing it will be a breeze.

Mobile app

Create a mobile app on iPhone, Windows, and Android.

Why you need this

A mobile app is a way to communicate with your members daily and send them important alerts.

Newspaper layout

Design and layout for magazines & newspapers.

Why you need this

Create professional newsletters in newspaper or magazine style to showcase your work or spread the ideas of your organization.

Event branding

Beautifully brand event or conference print materials

Why you need this

Make your event unforgettable with beautiful branding. This includes programs, tickets, flyers, graphics, menus, and more.

Social media

Manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Why you need this

Social media will help your content go viral and quickly build a base of online supporters.

Print design

Design brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards.

Why you need this

Consistent branding on all print materials will help people identify your work better and engage more.

Mass media

How to capture attention and engage mass media.

Why you need this

Mass media is a powerful way to gain supporters. With the right tools, you'll have reporters eager to share your work.

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Here are some samples of my work! My portfolio includes a variety of projects. Looking for more? Contact me!Dani

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About Dani

I was born in Mexico and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. My specialty is helping organizations succeed using digital tools.

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